Friday, March 1, 2013

One girl's bleak day is another's perfect day I guess. I was talking to my sister yesterday, and as I usually do, I asked her about her weather. Not because there wasn't anything else to talk about, but because she lives eight hours west of me and the weather she is having today is usually the weather I will have in a day or so. After giving me her report, I added that it was a gray, cold, blustery, snow shower kind of day in my neck of the woods. "In other words, bleak," was her reply.  "No, perfect!" was my rebuttal. I know to a lot of people ,especially when we are at the end of the winter season,this would be their description of the above kind of day. Everyone is ready for Spring and I am looking forward to the planting season too. But it's no secret to those that know me that I love winter and I love "bleak" days, so I am holding on to the these last few days of  winter.

The candles I light have an extra glow to them when they don't have to fight with intense sunlight. The snow flakes falling, even if it doesn't accumulate, add a stillness to the air that nothing else can match.  If it is a stay-at-home day, I scurry about working on my nest, tweaking this little vignette, checking my pantry, maybe working on a quilt for the next season of cold, or doing a little knitting. I am as happy as a squirrel in a nest full of acorns. Hmm...if you believe in such, maybe in a former life I was a squirrel, or maybe I am coming back as one. I think the odds of my ever being an angel are pretty slim, so I guess a squirrel is OK.

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  1. Hehehe...I'm gonna have to give that one some thought...I feel a new nickname coming in the near future:)))xoxo Shine