Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The MOTH is on vacation from his paying job this week, which means we are putting in a full week at the farm working on the plumbing. Being on "vacation" means not having to hit the highways at seven a.m. for his hour commute, so we sit and enjoy a leisurely wake-up time, drinking coffee and watching the news and the weather channel.

This morning Pat Boone appeared in a commercial peddling those walk-in tubs for old folks. Watching it, Jerry recalled being a young child of six or so watching American Bandstand.  A young, handsome, Pat Boone was on performing "Catch a Falling Star".

"And now here I am fifty something years later, watching a half-nude , old, Pat Boone take a bath and a minute later I see his daughter pushing face lifts in another commercial. And I am thinking of buying one of each."

1 comment:

  1. Nice to have Pat following us from one decade to the next. Haven't seen his half nude commercial - and glad of it.