Monday, March 18, 2013

It's been crazy busy here. The MOTH took a week off from work so that we could work on the plumbing at the farm. Until we get that done, everything else is kind of on hold. Floors can't be put in until we get all the pipes and stuff in place. The weather, however, did not cooperate. Rain, snow, and very cold temps brought all work under the house to a stop. We had lots of bee hives to put together and paint so we worked on that and after the weather cleared, we got our backdoor in. Yay! The original back door was on the side of the house under the porch slope. It was very low and very ugly. We moved it so that we could put in a standard height door. Now our tallest son-in-law can come in without stooping.

The nine straight days of farm work and renovations was followed by the quilt festival in Pigeon Forge, which meant the Cherry Pit was a buzz of activity with all of us working extra days. It's a big deal-quilters from all across the country and overseas converge on the area. And they are ready to shop and spend money, let me tell you. We had one customer spend $900.00 on quilting supplies! I can't imagine doing that, but I bet it would be fun. They save their money all year long, rent cabins with their friends and have a high old time.

After all these days away from my home, I am glad to be back and in the swing of things home-related. I was awake by 5 a.m. and had bread rising by 5:30, breakfast made, coffee in the French press, and when Jerry came down, I was planting tomato seeds in peat pots. Yes, I have missed being home. I told Jerry last week, I sure would be glad when our wife came back. No home-cooked meals, laundry piled up and the kitchen a wreck, not to mention the rest of the house.  I am no paragon of neatness, but I do like a small amount of order in my life. And I miss my girls. I haven't got to spend much time with them at all lately.

I did get some beans canned though. Well, jelly beans that is. The MOTH loves Starburst jelly beans, and of course, they are out in force at Easter time, so we have been stocking up and I am putting them in Mason jars and vaccum sealing them with my Food Saver. They should stay good for about a year that way. So in addition to all my jars of home-canned stuff all lined up in my pantry, I now have some very colorful jars of jelly beans to add a little variety to the mix. I had a pretty picture of them all lined up to show you, but my computer is not co-operating and won't let me post pix right now.

That freshly-baked bread is calling my name. I think I will spread a little butter on a slice, grab Brown Betty for some tea and have a little sit-down. I don't think I have told you about Brown Betty yet even though I have mentioned her before. Stay tuned...


  1. OK....I NEED to know about Brown Betty!!!!! A teapot????? We are so much alike with our love of home and crafts, etc. Mine and Tony's wife won't be back till next week though, as this is another crazy one for me:) Have a cup of tea for me...I'm on my way to Ktown!!! Blessings~~Shine
    PS.....We're glad you're back:)

  2. Cindy - thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog today. I'm so happy you found me thru pinterest - looks like you've got a great blog with such similar passions and interests. I can't wait to read some of the previous posts!