Friday, March 1, 2013

A Give-Away!

Finally I have my little project completed and ready to give away. Do you ever have just a few dishes that need doing quickly and the dishwasher needs unloading and you don't feel like doing it? I HATE unloading the dishwasher. Or maybe you have some things that need to be hand washed? I also dislike dish drainers. They either are taking up one side of the sink, or part of the counter, or you have to find a place to store the thing when not in use. I was spreading a tea towel on the counter to take care of this but one day at work we got in the cutest kitchen themed cotton prints that I had to have fat quarter of each (that's an 18"x22" cut for the non-quilters reading this), and then I needed to find a use for them. That's when I hit upon backing them with recycled towels and using them for those small sinks of dishes we all do. I just throw one on the counter, put my washed dishes on them and when dry, I hang the little towel dryer to dry. I love these things. I have quite a stack of them and have made them for my girls. If you do any canning, they also make great towels to put your jars on after they come out of the canner.

Making these sort of led to the next project, the little knitted dishcloths. These are big among knitters right now. Short and sweet. A perfect take-along project. And useful. If you can bring yourself to use them that is. I think they are so cute that I can't use mine! That is one reason I am sponsoring a give away. Maybe someone else can. I found this pattern on one of my favorite blogs. It's called "Homespun Living". Check out my list of favorite blogs to the right.  Deb, the writer of the blog, created these patterns. She makes all kinds of neat stuff. Her bags are gorgeous. I want one! The waffle cloth is called Aunt May's Dishcloth and the smaller one is her Petite French pattern. The original is red and white like so much French linen is, which I love and adore.

After doing those dishes, you may have a little case of dishpan hands, so I am throwing in a small tin of my handmade cream. I call it "Cream of Roses" and it is marvelous stuff. Made with rose hip seed oil, grape seed oil, cocoa butter, rosewater, and beeswax and scented with Rose Geranium, it will be a treat to smooth on. Heck, you could almost eat the stuff! It really does smell divine.

The towel set comes in two colorways-a red and cream with cute kitchen stuff on the towel dryer and a retro aqua and white set also with kitchen themed stuff on the fabric. I know the photos aren't that great so you may not be able to see the detail.  The dryers are backed with a nice white terrycloth I bought, didn't recycle. Nothings too good for my readers. LOL both sets will include the hand cream even though it is not in both photos.

To get a chance to win, simply leave a comment here on my blog, or if you can't figure out how to do that (been there, so I know), after reading go to facebook and leave one. I will draw a name from the comments on Tuesday and announce the winner here Wednesday. Good luck!


  1. Oh yipee, yipee!!!! I KNEW you would have something super cute:)) Enter me please!!!I LOVE the red and white...that's my fave. I've seen those on Deb's blog...boy, we sure do have a lot in common:) I'll even mention the give away on my blog again. Does that count twice for me? :) Blessings, Shine

  2. I love my dish cloths! Hudson used all of my hand cream....:/

  3. Cute cloths. Anything to make doing dishes better!

  4. Thanks so much for the kind mention! Your dishcloths came out beautiful!....Deb

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    1. Entering for my chance to win. If I don't win, I still expect to receive some of those dishcloths from you sometime in the future.

      Big Sis (the one who rescued you from Aunt you-know-who...probably more than once)

  6. I think I finally figured out my google password! Great read, everytime! :)