Sunday, April 29, 2012

Coop Sweet Coop

Yes, finally my birdies are in their coop. And not a moment too soon both for them and for me. Let me just tell you chickens in your library are NOT a good thing, even if you don't live in the house that said library is in. I think I am a little anal about these birds. I carried them a brooder at a time into their new digs and watched anxiously as they acclimated themselves. They ignored me as they went about the business of setting up house, pooping, jumping on the roost, pooping, trying out the new mega-feeder, pooping, gathering around the water cooler, pooping, and talking about me.

 No doubt in chicken speak they were saying things like. "Get a load of our human! Doesn't she think we can handle this? She actually put Gaye-Gaye on the roost herself, like GG couldn't do it herself! Where do these people come from? Let's hope she doesn't plan on sleeping in here tonight. We're not sharing that new roost with her. Next thing you know, she'll be sitting outside the door just watching us! Geesh!" I am embarrassed to admit that yes, I did sit outside the coop and watch them for a while. But dang it, they are just so funny and entertaining to watch. Even if they were talking about me.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We were driving down to the farm to check on the chickens. I looked in the backseat and this is what I saw. Breeze blowing through her hair, smile on her face, I wondered what she could be thinking. I didn't ask; I didn't want to break the spell.

Do You Dribble?

As in when you eat? I have to be the world's worst. I can just about count on spilling something somewhere on my person after almost every meal. I look like a toddler on steroids after I eat. Stout pudgy body, stretchy clothing obviously chosen for comfort rather than style, and food splattered somewhere on those clothes. Eating out is no exception.

Today, while eating out with friends at a favorite tearoom I was enjoying the wild plum muffins and plum jelly they are famous for. We were all three talking at once and oohing and ahhing over the menu as we tried to decide what to get. I had plum jelly perched on the tip of my knife ready to spread on my muffin, when you guessed it, the jelly left the knife in search of a prominent place on my clothes to display itself. First I checked my cleavage, always a favorite place for food of all kinds to land. Nope. Then I checked that obnoxious ring around my middle. It usually comes in second for food's favorite place to land. Nope. Satisfied it had missed me entirely, I looked up as the waiter came over to take our order. He stood perfectly poised, as he rattled off the day's specials. I asked a few questions, then made my request. Just as he left the table, I found the jelly. A shimmery pink glob of the stuff was perched on my chin. Of course, I laughed at myself as I pointed out my gaffe to my girlfriends. They joined me in sympathy and one of them said if she had seen it there she would have told me in time to wipe it off. After all, what are friends for? Whatever. Just wait til the next time she has lipstick on her teeth.