Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yes, I know, it's been six months, but we are going to pretend that didn't happen ok?

 I love winter. I look forward to it every year and am just like a kid when it comes to snow. I don't think I have ever had enough snow. I like wearing coats. You can have on a t-shirt that you dribbled your lunch on and throw on a coat and a wooly scarf to do your errands and no one will know you are a sloppy eater. I like the stark blacks and browns and grays of the trees. The Cardinals are never so intensly red as they are on a bleak winter day flitting about looking for something to eat. We counted thirteen one day down at the farm!  I love warming the gray days with a fire in the fireplace, classical music playing, and candles glowing in every room. Add a little blustery wind whistleing its own music and I am one happy girl.

But we are on the cusp of mid-February and I have to admit it has the gardener in me stirring just a bit.I've pinned lots of beautiful garden ideas on my Pinterest page. I've bought garden magazines.  I've perused the seed catalogs, made my order, and am now waiting on the arrival of those little packets that hold promises of "bumper crop of juicy tomatoes, world's best Basil for pesto, gather hundreds of bouquets of huge flowers right from your own backyard!" There words, not mine. I have been at this gardening business long enough to know a thing or two. I know about drought, flooding, bugs, voles, deer, and worst of all, my neglect when the heat hits the 100's. But gardeners are the ulitimate optimists. I may not exactly believe those words in the seed catalogs, but I don't exactly doubt them either. So every year I go out with my seeds, my tooks, and my straw hat and set to it. I usually get just enough veggies and flowers and a little more knowledge to keep me coming back year after year. But joy of joys, a little bit of snow showers may happen Saturday! Spring, you wait just a bit longer, you will get your turn. I have some snowflakes to watch tumble down.


  1. Excellent post. Perfect blend of a pinch of humor and a touch of soulfulness. Love your description of wintery days. You're right about those Cardinals.

  2. SO glad to see you back!!! The writer in you should not be squished:)))))))
    Maybe if we get a big snow we can go sledding!!! I don't think I'll come to your hill though...I'm afraid it may be too dangerous for me:) Seeds and gardens CAN wait.....a little while....I have on a pot of soup and WAY too many candles going....but I LOVE it!! Blessings friend~~Shine