Wednesday, February 20, 2013

At least fifteen minutes

I read somewhere that if want to stay in the habit of posting on your blog on a regular basis, then you should commit to writing at least fifteen minutes a day. Even if you don't really have anything that you think is blog-worthy to write about. I am going to try it, but I know it won't happen everyday. Maybe most. We'll see. If it ceases to be fun; what 's the point? I mean this is just a little hobby. It's not like anyone is hanging on to my every word or lying awake at night waiting for the next post.

I just ordered a little too much cotton yarn for making dishcloths. I am sure people are wondering, why? Well, they are just a little mindless project to have on hand when you are watching t.v. or stuck somewhere waiting. The patterns are easy to memorize which means all you have to put in your project bag is the ball of cotton and your needles. And they are such a cute expression of the home arts. I have to admit though that I have a little stack of them and I can't bring myself to use them! They are in the French red and cream that I love and they look so cute piled atop a tea towel that I embroidered that I just like seeing them on my counter.

Speaking of simple knitting. We are hooked on the PBS series "Larkrise to Candleford" right now. It's set in late 19th century England and is one of those shows that just gives you a glow as you watch it. Nothing unsavory in it at all. Unfortunately, it only lasted four seasons and we are on the last one. I will miss it.  All the farm women wear a version of this simple wrap around shawl. Of course, they are knit from rustic looking yarn that looks like it is fresh off the sheep and I am wanting one badly. I am thinking I may have to entreat my spinner friend to spin up some roving for me if I can find the right rustic stuff for her. Oh yes, a trip to the local yarn shop.

Also, still on the subject of projects, I am thinking I may have a little give-away here soon. Something homemade. Just a little something. We call them "happies" in our family. My oldest niece started calling them that years ago and the rest of us picked it up. So watch for a "Happy" announcement soon! And that, my friends, took fifteen minutes.


  1. #1..Let's go!!! To the yarn shop that is:)) I LOVE spinning for a purpose and a shawl for you would be so much fun!!!!!!...#2.. I need your dishcloth pattern:).....#3..Larkrise is awesome. When you can wait a few weeks and start the whole thing again. I always glean good things from the shows and it beats watching garbage cable any day of the week:)...#4..YAY for a giveaway!!!!! I LOVE happies:))

  2. What a fun post! I LIKE the 15 minute rule. Hope you keep it up. Maybe you and "Ms Shine" need to collaborate on those shawls. They sound wonderful. You just might have you a budding enterprise going. Hmmm...guess you don't really need any more "enterprises". :)

  3. Hi, just popped over from Shine's place...I don't knit, someday I will, but for now I just like reading about you all knitting such lovely things...I just discovered Lark Rise to C. and I love it. It recently started on our local PBS station and I got hooked right away, it is a sweet series.