Monday, July 2, 2012

It's been a group effort....

See these little brown ovals? Yep, they came from one of my birds. Seems I have an over-achiever in my little flock. Everything I've read says to expect your first eggs at around 20 weeks. At fifteen weeks, one of my girls hasn't been reading the literature because last week one of my grandaugters and I were making the rounds; feeding watering, when I happened to glance in the nesting boxes and lo and behold-an egg! I was so excited, I started yelling to anyone who would listen (that beeing the MOTH as he was the only other person around), "I got an egg! I got an egg! Somebody laid an egg!" I swear, you would have thought I had pushed out that little brown treasure myself, I was so proud.All these weeks of taking care of, worrying about, and just plain enjoying my birds had finally paid off.  Granted, it is small, but they will get bigger as the bird matures. I was caught totally off gaurd. But I did some reading and discovered that my red hens, which are Golden Comets generally lay earlier than most chickens. But fifteen weeks old? Wow! I am not sure which hen it is, but she is getting very regular with this egg business. Everyday when I check on my flock, there is that egg waiting for me. I have four more birds waiting in the wings (I know, bad pun) and I am mentally counting up how many eggs I should be getting each week. Probably shouldn't do that. There is a reason someone coined the addage, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" and the other one, "Don't count your chicks before they hatch". I tell you, we sure owe a lot of our common sense expressions and wise words to live by to chickens and other farm related business.

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  1. Ha! Birdie sense!! Yay for all things chickens!! EGGS being #1. Just so you know, I have been having to REALLY restrain myself from buying you porcelain chicken:) xoxo Shine