Monday, June 25, 2012

Old Sol cooked my dinner tonight.

This is my new sun oven. I have wanted one for a while. There is nothing I like better than a new gadget or gizmo. I thought this would be good to have in case of an emergency, not to mention the fact that I don't heat the kitchen up on hot sunny days. You can do everything but fry in it. Around noon today I put together a chicken dish that had tomatoes, red wine, greek olvies and other good thing in my dutch oven. I had set the oven out about 30 minutes earlier. When I went to put the casserole in the interior had reached 350 degrees! Two hours later I had something delicious and piping hot. Next I put in garlic rolls and let them bake. Since I also made a jar of sun tea, with the exception of the pasta that I cooked on the stove, everything was cooked by passive solar energy. Isn't that just the coolest thing?You can even cook a turkey in it! And as long as the sun is shining, you can even cook in it in the winter. In fact, the Sun Oven has been used as base camp on Mt. Everest! I can't wait to try other things out now and with the temps we are supposed to have this week, I should have ample chances.


  1. How cool is that?!?! But with the really high temps, does it not get TOO hot for baking? Just wondering.

  2. WOW...I've heard about those and wanted one for a were really smart to get it when you did...these temps have been crazy!!!!! Mr. T said to find out where to get one!!! Your dish sounds yummy:)