Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm cutting a lot of these and drinking a lot of this.

Summer rages on with days so hot, my solar oven is almost a sun-powered microwave. The heat shimmers and vibrates through the air til just walking to the mailbox feels like a slog through hot molasses. The gardener in me appreciates the fact that the cycle of life is dependent on the heat to get those big juicy red globes from the tomato vines and all the other veggie delights springing up from the soil.And, of course, the flowers, petals almost translucent under the relentless glare of that yellow ball of fire. But the blue-eyed, fair-skinned, use to be red haired me? Not so much. I totally wimp out when the temperature goes past 70 so these days of 100's have me in the house admiring my bouquets and sipping just slightly sweetened iced tea and daydreaming about Autumn.


  1. I'm with you sister.....let's find some shade!I love to read your truly are a gifted writer:)

  2. That description of the summer heat needs to be published somewhere besides here. Love the new cover photo. Is that out at the farm? Love the daisy pic and that sweating glass of iced tea too.