Tuesday, June 19, 2012

See what I got today?

It's my birthday gift from a very dear friend. No, it's not my birthday. That was in April. Months ago my friend was visiting us at the farm and spied this old chair in what used to be a blacksmith shop on our property. She asked if she could have it because she had an idea for a birthday gift for me. Of course I said yes. I knew anything she made would be  beautiful and was more than willing to wait as long as it would take.

I worked out in the sun today and being a total wimp when it comes to Summer I got a headache and had come home to cool off and crawl between my icy cold sheets with the fan blowing on me hoping to nap that ache away. The phone rang and it was my friend saying she was on her way with my present. I jumped up and combed my hair and had the iced tea waiting when she arrived. And my oh my! Isn't my gift beautiful? I am going to put a solar tea light in that sweet little lantern. I have a thousand places I want to put it and will probably move around several times before deciding on a home. I love belated birthday gifts.!


  1. Oooooh that is gorgeous!!! And I bet I know who made it:) Only two people I know that can make an old dilapidated chair look that cute are you and Mrs. TAC......:) Shine